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Apimel Proimunal Alergohelp contains an exclusive standardized combination of herb concentrates, like caper (Capparis spinosa), olive tree leaf, black currant, ginseng, which along with curry plant and resveratrol help with spring troubles connected to nose and throat, as well as physical performaces.

Vegetable extracts in Apimel Proimunal Alergohelp can help against discomforts of itchy nose and throat, as well as teary eyes, which are common in spring, because:

Curry plant (Helichrysum italicum) from the family Asteraceae, from the Mediterranean. This is an aromatic shrub with yellow flowers containing flavonoids, terpineols and coumarins.

In Apimel Proimunal Alergohelp curry plant is present in leaf extract and contributes to normal functions of respiratory system (EFSA ON HOLD 3922), and benefits the nose and mouth (list by italian ministry about botanical functional properties).

Black currant in Apimel Proimunal Alergohelp is an extract from the plant leaf with  10% minimal share of polyphenol. Black currant (Ribes nigrum) benefits the nose and mouth (list by italian ministry about botanical functional properties).

Ginseng (Panax ginseng) in Apimel Proimunal Alergohelp is an extract from the root with 20% minimal share of ginsenoside. Ginseng contributes keeping up normal imnune functions (EFSA ON HOLD 2670, 3672, 3930), as well as physical performaces (EFSA ON HOLD 2808, 2672, 2671) and helps againts fatigue and malaise (EMA; list by italian ministry about botanical functional properties).

Apimel Proimunal Alergohelp is an ideal addition for those who need help against spring discomfort and to improve physical performance.

Apimel Proimunal Alergohelp is packaged in single use bottles (appropriate dose).

Packaging: 20 ampules

Apimel Proimunal Aler-GO-help ampule

deionized water, fructose, caper fruit concentrated powder (Capparis spinosa), curry flower concentrated powder (Helichrysum italicum), knotweed liquid concentrate (Polygonum cuspidatum), black currant leaf concentrated powder (Ribes nigrum), ginseng root concentrated powder (Panax ginseng), olive leaf concentrated powder (Olea europea), presarvative: potassium sorbate, natural flavoring

caper fruit concentrated powder 320 mg, olive leaf concentrated powder 195 mg, curry flower concentrated powder 100 mg, tknotweed liquid concentrate from which resveratrol 5 mg, black currant leaf concentrated powder 85 mg, ginseng root concentrated powder 75 mg

Take one ampule (10 ml) in the morning before breakfast. Shake well before use!

Keep away from children. Do not exceed recommended daily intake. Dietary supplement is not a substitute or replacement for a balanced diet.

Not recommended to use for longer than 2 continuous weeks. If under other medication, consult your physician. Not recommended if child-bearing or nursing.

Keep at dry and dark place, at temperatures lower than 30 °C.


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